Toshiba Satellite U840 Ultrabook Features and Specification

18 Aug

Toshiba Ultrabooks are portable and slim laptops, By introducing Intel for the first time. Laptops in 2012 may be thinner and lighter than ever, but the form factor’s otherwise been largely untouched. There are various computer-manufacturing brands and everyone is launching high featured Ultrabook to compete with its rivals and to increase sale of their PCs. In this race, Toshiba had introduced its new laptop Satellite U840. This is an ultra sleek and ultra portable PC with robust performance. It consists of Ivy bridge processor and falls in the reasonable price range. Its thickness is 19.9mm that is greater than Asus Zenbook UX31. Color used on the metal body is blue-grey and it’s a surprise that it appears blue in person and grey in the captured pictures.The U845W is focused on multimedia, designed for watching movies as much as for getting work done. Inside, the two devices are still largely the same, featuring the thin, fast, SSD-powered ultrabook specs we’ve come to expect.It also comes with a boat-load of preinstalled software which can irritate any user. Battery life is around 5 hours…..Read More


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