The Nikon D4 Review 2012

17 Aug

The Nikon D4 represents the dream camera of many a professional photographer. The Nikon D4 DSLR. Enter the new flagship of Nikon’s D-SLR lineup: D4. Engineered for professionals, D4 strikes an ideal balance between resolution, sensor size, image processing and ISO range. The Japanese camera maker has announced a new model, the D4, a 16.2MP,the camera promises high accuracy and speed,professional workhorse intended for hard use in a wide range of shooting environments. It claims to be able to catch any moments other cameras miss due to its harmonious accuracy and speed.With these model Nikon has introduced some significant new technology to its high-end DSLR lineup, perhaps the most significant of which is a very impressive-looking video specification.HD video-capable camera-body would be available from Nikon.The D4 offers full 1080p HD video-capture at either 24 or 30fps, or 720p video capture at 60fps.This camera offer full HD video with live audio monitoring and the option to record uncompressed footage to a harddrive via the built-in HDMI port……Read More


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