BlackBerry Playbook

17 Aug

The BlackBerry Playbook remains a nice piece of hardware. It measures 5.1 by 7.6 by 0.4 inches (HWD) and weighs 14.4 ounces. Its black glass front panel, and tapered, soft touch back panel are comfortable to hold. The 1,024-by-600-pixel display matches what you get with the Kindle Fire, though the Playbook’s is a bit brighter and more vibrant. A 4G version of the Playbook never materialized, but the built-in Internet tethering feature is a nice bonus. If you own a BlackBerry phone, you can use its signal as a hotspot for the Playbook via Bluetooth. The QNX-based Playbook OS 2.0 is the inclusion of native email, contacts, and calendar support. It’s only news in the sense that the Playbook finally does what it should have done at launch last year. Thankfully that’s not all — this recently refreshed tablet has a few other tricks up its sleeve, most notable being the ability to run some (focus on the some) Android apps without having to resort to any messy tweaks or hacks..Read More


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